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sri lanna

Sri Lanna National Park is the prestigious park to commemorate the 5th anniversary of King’s birthday. The park was announced a National Park on the 1st August 1989. The area encompasses over 100,000 hectares, covering 3 districts: Mae Taeng, Phrao and Chiang Dao. The wildlife is abundant in this largely undisturbed wilderness of rolling mountains, which is the source of the Mae Ping river. There are many places of interests that can be visited include Mon Hin Lai Waterfall, Bua Tong Waterfall and Mae Ngad Somboon Chon Reservoir.

Phrao : a charming and peaceful town, located 100 kilometers north of Chiang Mai. The highway route no.1001 to Phrao passes through plenty of pleasant rural scenery. It is surrounded by forests, mountains, rice fields and beautiful longan orchards. In truth, Phrao does not have any special tourist attractions. But Phrao town has a long history as a remote “wiang” in a substantial valley isolated by geography. As a result, it still retains the tranquil way of life which truly represents the typical "Lanna"

rice field
mae ngad
Bua Tong Waterfall
Mae Ngad Somboon Chon Reservoir
Nong Krog Hot Spring
Nong Krog Hot Spring
Doi Mon Larn
Doi Mon Lan Queen's Project